Think Bella! “We Could Have it All” But you must Set Your Interior Design Goals High!

As Bella Faux Finishes approaches our 10 Year Anniversary, I will share some project pictures and thoughts about where it all began…

In 2005, David and I started Bella Faux Finishes with, what we thought, would be a great business Idea and a perfect business name. Through the months and years we have been training, stumbling, investing capital, attending schools everywhere, practicing and learning the Historic Finishes from around the world. The Italian Finishes and Italian Venetian Plaster are one of the most challenging Arts to Master!

But, we both found an Art that we Love to do! They say if you Love what you do, everyday is Fun! Well… maybe not everyday, but most days are so enjoyable, sharing these stunning effects.

Our Goal, while learning this Art, was that someday, we would have the Honor, of being invited to your project to share our Art!

That has always been our approach, to keep learning the methods and techniques of these Historic Finishes, dating back hundreds of years ago.

How can we get better and what would we do different next time?

What a Fun Journey this has been.  So many new friends, fellow contractors and project stories to share.

On some of the bigger projects we bid, we would leave there and I would say… Wow, I think we are over our Ski’s on this one David. I can envision the Interior Design Ideas, but Wow, how are we going to do this one?

David would say, No Problem Dad, this will be a Fun One! He was always right, you learn so much from being challenged and then inspired by a Great Interior Design Idea!”

So together, David and I, make a great team.. balancing each other out. We have the same hands and movement, which is very rare in this Art.

“Think Bella!” – Short Post this month as we are on projects. For many, this may be your first time reading our blog – Think Bella! Some of the pictures have been shared on previous posts, that I am sharing again. You may want to explore some of our other blogs for Interior Design Ideas.

Finally – All I can share and strongly encourage you to do is, “Set your Interior Design Goals for your project … Very High!”

“Make it Loud and Clear to everyone on your project, that you are looking for something Unique!”

Money Limits? – We understand that not every project has an unlimited budget.

At Bella Faux Finishes, we have a Unique Decorative Finish for almost every budget.

Your Design Goal is to identify your unique opportunity in your home, where you can introduce just a taste of drama, that will create… “The Wow Effect”. While staying on budget too! Yes … it can be done.

So in summary, “You Could have it all!”  But you need to do your homework…

If you would like to share your project with David and I, you can reach us at Contact Us or Request a Quote.

Also, if you like to see our most recent work before everyone else, Like Us on Facebook. Here is where we share our Projects and New Art First!

Thanks for your Interest in our Art, Wishing everyone the Best!


“I will share a great song by “Maureen McGovern – We Could Have it All”,  that cannot be purchased or found except on Youtube. If you have followed our previous blogs… “Think Bella”,  then you know that I use lyrics and music to  drive and inspire me when working projects, but also to elevate words and ideas. I love all genres of music, but I do have a soft side sometimes. My wife says there isn’t a genre I don’t like…”


Below, my Passion and Love for the historic Italian Plasters began with my Friend and Mentor – World Famous Artisan – Doyle Self.  Doyle was trained in Italy and was one the first to import True Italian Venetian Plaster into the states. Doyle and Linda Self’s….  “School of Italian Plaster” taught thousands of Artisans from around the world. Sadly, Doyle passed away last year. He is missed by so many…

IMG_1988_2 - Version 2

IMG_1980 - Version 2

Below is the final Italian Finish on a project. Looks almost like a Burl Wood, feels just like Marble… Cool to the Touch!


Below, Friends and Artisans, Shayna and James Kirkpatrick, taught at the “School of Italian Plaster”.


Below, our first website…


Bella Faux Finishes – Artisans – David and Michael Nordgren

Bella Faux Finishes – Artisans – David and Mark Nordgren – Many years ago in the beginning…

“Mike Thurman, owner of Thurman Construction. If you are thinking of building, I would strongly encourage you schedule a meeting with Mike. Very Talented at coordinating any size project, understands the building process, has many ideas and is gifted with a personalty to manage the various talented subs and egos that are brought to a project. One of our favorite contractors, that David and I have worked with! Our Art is sometimes, slow, physical and time consuming. Mike understands the pace of these historic finishes. Incredible Home, Fun and Challenging project!”

Mike Thurman – Thurman Construction – Phenomenal Contractor


Bella Faux Finishes – Artisan – David Nordgren and Interior Designer – Deb Teunissen

bffpool1 copy

IMG_0048 copy

Bella Faux Finishes – Artisan – Mark Nordgren


FullSizeRender 3

Below, my Friend and Mentor, famous Theme Artisan – Barth White, who taught me, training my hands and mind on the various styles of marbling. Barth’s company and Artisan’s,  helped to create the magic and breathtaking Decorative Finishes, that we see in the Grand Casinos and Hotels in Las Vegas today. What an Incredible Talent!

IMG_5028 - Version 2

Artisans – Mark Nordgren and Barth White



Coffered Octagon Ceiling - Bella Faux Finishes

Coffered Octagon Ceiling – Bella Faux Finishes







IMG_5609 - Version 2

IMG_5533 - Version 2


IMG_5597 - Version 2




Bella Faux Finishes

Below a project from a few years ago, that we were invited to share our Art. Incredible Home!

Pictured here are Kathy, David and Michael Nordgren



Below, famous Artisans and Teachers, James & Shayna Kirkpatrick, we invited to help us with this project.




IMG_0058 - Version 2






Below, David and I leaving a Breathtaking Home we were on for 7 months. What a Fun Project to share our Art!

“David says… Ok Dad, What’s… Next?


Next!… – Bella Faux Finishes, LLC – Incredible Home with a stunning view of Bear Butte Mountain

Bella Faux Finishes – We believe we can Wow your project too!

BFFIMG_0480 - Version 2 copy

Bella Faux Finishes

Bella Faux Finishes, LLC – “A Family Business”


Mark Nordgren with Bella

Mark Nordgren with Bella