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Think Bella! INCREDIBLE… How will people describe your project?

Posted on February 14, 2014

Your Remodeling project is finally done and your New House is built.  How will your Friends and Family describe your New Home or Remodeling Project?

When they first see your project, will they pause and not want to leave the room or area, Pondering, Staring, Touching, asking Multiple Questions, with a Facial Expression of… Awe?

Your Goal….  Our Goal is to create this pause or… “Wow Effect” on each and every project!

The words you want to hear are:



What is it?

I love it!

Who was the Artisan?

Finally, the word we hear most often to describe our Decorative Finishes is:


David and I believe that:

“Every Home or Business, deserves a Room that quietly whispers… Wow!”

If you are just beginning a New Project, do your homework and assemble a team that can create that kind of drama. If you wish to break away from the common, you will need to interview various Interior Designers and Artisans in the industry that have a History and Portfolio of successfully creating this effect.

Since 2005, Bella Faux Finishes has specialized in the most unique Decorative Finishes, Italian Venetian Plaster, Italian Finishes and Faux Finishes in the world. Sharing our Art throughout the Midwest. To learn more about the Bella Effect, click our Gallery of Before & After Photos. Also testimonials we have received, share experiences of working with Bella Faux Finishes on a project.

Best of luck to you. If you would like to meet to discuss your project, David and I would love to hear your ideas and share some of ours. You can reach us at: Contact Us and Request a Quote.

Also, follow us on Facebook, where many of our projects are shared first.

Hey… This Year, Lets Do Something… Incredible Together!

Love this Song!            “Incredible” – Celine Dion with Ne-Yo

Finally, my Mom & Dad Celebrated their “66th Wedding Anniversary on Valentines Day”. Now thats… INCREDIBLE! We Love them So Much!

Bella Faux Finishes


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Bella Faux Finishes

Bella Faux Finishes

Bella Faux Finishes