Since 2005, Bella Faux Finishes’ painters and artisans have been honored to apply the final layer of effect to a variety of interior design, homebuilding and remodeling projects in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Sioux City, Iowa, Dakota Dunes, South Dakota and beyond.

With several years experience in the application of new Faux Finishes, Italian finishes and Venetian Plaster, David and Mark Nordgren offer their unique artistic services to customers across the greater Midwest, including Sioux City, Iowa, Dakota Dunes, Omaha, Nebraska and Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Each project we participate in has its own unique design goals. The fun begins with our initial brainstorming session, where we discuss the interior design process. We then proceed to help you select the style, color and texture of the decorative finish, interior paint or wallpaper.

The completion of the project is like saying goodbye to an old friend. The testimonials below highlight just a few of the kind words we have received about our services over the past several years. Once you’re done reading, browse our photo gallery to see examples of our premier Sioux Falls interior design projects and then contact us to find out what we can do to improve the aesthetics of your home’s or business’s interior…

Mark and David performed absolute magic on my home when they worked on a dome in my master bath and literally transformed it with the marbleized Venetian Plaster. Nothing else gathers as much attention as this amazing feature!

Vikki Boehnen Lansing

"Stunning work, incredible work ethic! Thank you so much!

Gina Bachecki George

"Thanks Mark!! I think of you and David every time I look at my beautiful walls. So glad I met you… and Thank You for lending your Artistry to my home."

Natalie Bertsch

I want to thank you guys again for switching things around so you were able to come to Aberdeen, South Dakota. We love the Ceilings - Amazing Work and even better Customer Service.

Christyl Steger

Thank you Mark, David and Michael for everything. Your work in the house is Spectacular!

Mark Nylen

David, Thank You so much. The Walls are Beautiful and we appreciate your hard work!!!!

Carol Dane

Its absolutely beautiful! You do amazing work and I am TOTALLY glad that I chose the Bella Faux WOW Finishes over pseudo-paint options. KUDOS to you Mark!

Meg & Keith Hansen

“Mark, everytime I am at Mary and Wayne's house I marvel at the special techniques that you used on their walls and ceilings - it is fabulous! You can be very proud of your work!"”

Pat Lloyd

Lloyd Companies

Anyone needing a testimonial on Bella Faux Finishes, I would be happy to visit with you.

I love my bathroom and recommend this amazing team to do your project! They not only do beautiful breathtaking work, they get their project done on time, they are neat and tidy with the project, they have lots of great ideas and make good suggestions, they are true to the price quoted, they are very talented and care about their artistry and really sincerely care that the customer is happy.

I would recommend Bella Faux to anyone who wants to beautify their home and wants to make their home unique!!! I would recommend Bella Faux Finishes to anyone!

Dan & Karen Brenner

From the first day I met you, it was truly my pleasure. You are a great team. I enjoyed your presence while you were here working. I think it added something to the atmosphere! Please feel free to use myself or my home as a reference anytime.

Judy Shaw

Finally got out to the house today to see your finished work of art and it’s amazing! The bedroom ceiling is gorgeous!

Jeff’s mom drove down to see the walls and was incredibly impressed. She believes your painting adds so much value to the house, and she’s been a Realtor for 60 years, so she knows what she’s talking about!

I’m sure you hear this with all your projects, but the work you’ve done for us is absolutely perfect and puts the house over the top for us. Watching the sunlight play across the living room walls is so neat!

Have David bring some business cards by to share with family and friends who see our home. We will be more than happy to give them your contact information and website. We are just thrilled! Thank you so very much!!!

Denise Moriarty

“Wow” is an understatement! It looks too exquisite for mere words! Thank you! You guys are truly gifted Artists! Sincerely in Awe...

Lisa Ann Lotzer

Interior Designer - Gabberts

We are very excited to have you do the ceilings in the house. We will definitely do the master bedroom and bath and foyer.

Larry & Glenda Warner

“Each time I have someone walk through the home, they are so excited about the ceilings and many of them even know what they are. The finishes provide an extra special addition to the home and makes it stand out from the others in the neighborhood. Great work Mark!”

Liz Lloyd

Lloyd Companies

I apologize for not being able to tell you in person, but the ceiling looks fabulous. I appreciate you squeezing me in ...

Tom & Pat Shawd

Thank you for the beautiful job! We are so pleased! You definitely achieved the “Wow Factor”! You were fun to work with.

Pat & Jim Kuchta

Fireplace project, we are excited about the Wow factor. Karen and I think it will change the whole complexion of our home...

Karen & Clifford Weith

The Wall has turned out just lovely. The drapes go up tomorrow and I’m so excited to see it all come together. Thank you so very much and it was a pleasure to work with you and David.

Lydia Healy

Thanks so much! We LOVE the effect and will no doubt love it even more when the entire room is put together. Not only is David a fabulous Artisan, but a very personable and nice young man... We were very impressed!

Christine & Don Walraven

“This look is attracting buyers. Everyone who has gone through this home, the first thing they notice is this room, they stop and look again. It’s just something to make the house more unique.”

Mike Reisch

Reisch Custom Homes

“Columns turned out great! Now people that walk in the front door say Wow! who did that? We certainly enjoyed having you and the boys working on the project.”

Don & Lois Houwman

Houwman Insurance & Companies

“Thank you so much for the gift of our beautiful wall. We like it more every time we look at it (which is often). We have no doubt that your business will soar! We truly view our Nordgren wall as a beautiful piece of art in our home. Thank you for sharing your wonderful talents with us.”

Mike & Amy Elliot

“Thanks for your great work!”

Roger & Kaye Mack

“We marvel at how you were able to bring such richness to our kitchen and your ability to do so. You are welcome to show your work to prospective customers.”

Dale & Dee Larson

“Thank you for my bedroom ceiling, I love it!”

Paul & Paula Johnson

“Your business is truly appreciated and it’s a pleasure to refer you clients! You’re an amazing artist!”

Lisa Ann Lotzer

Interior Designer - Gabberts

“Thank you so much for the beautiful Venetian Plaster in our fireplace area. We absolutely love it! Also, thanks for painting that extra wall too. It was nice to get to know you and your sons. Thanks again for a great job!”

Bill & Amy Connelly

“Really truly, we so appreciate the fine work you did for us - it looks so wonderful. Thanks for all your hard work!

Jeff, Sara & Henry Hartquist

Hartquist Funeral Home - Luverne, Minnesota