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Venetian Plaster

Italian Venetian Plaster... the Worlds Best Decorative Finish
Venetian Plaster
Faux Finishes

Faux Finishes

You Dream the Finish, We will try to Create It
Faux Finishes
Italian Finishes

Italian Finishes

Breathtaking Finishes... imported from Italy
Italian Finishes
Interior Painting

Interior Painting

Beautiful Painting using the Best Artisan Techniques
Interior Painting

“Think Bella for your New Project!” – Since 2005, Bella Faux Finishes, the Midwest leader in the application of Venetian Plaster, Italian Finishes, Decorative Finishes, Faux Finishes and Column Marbling!”

Bella Venetian Plaster – Imported from Italy. This 1000 year old Italian Finish is the most popular wall or ceiling finish around the world. Repeatedly chosen by the best Architects, Interior Designers & Home Owners to be introduced in their Homes, Businesses & Castles!”

Explore many …. “Videos and Project Photos with New Decorative Finishes”

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Unfortunately, there are fewer Artisan Companies left in the Midwest that specialize in Decorative Finishes.

The popularity of Wallpaper and the White/Gray/Black color trends limited the demand for Unique Art, applied by hand to walls and ceilings, resulting in many talented Artisan Businesses closing.

Founded in 2005, Bella Faux Finishes has been fortunate to stay busy through the years. We have a large Art Portfolio that features a wide variety of… “Color, Texture & Effect” samples.

Today, Think Bella is the Midwest leader in the application of Venetian Plaster, Italian Finishes, Decorative Finishes, Faux Finishes and Column Marbling. We have been invited to share our Art on so many unique Homes & Businesses, large and small, throughout the Midwest and Beyond…

Since 2005, Bella has been the leader in the application of imported  “Italian Venetian Plaster”. Through the years, Bella has been invited to share our Art on so many projects. Most recently Scottsdale, Arizona.  If you have a unique project and would like to share some ideas, we would love to meet with you.”

Our specialty is the historic application of Venetian Plaster imported from Italy. We have refined this technique with a “proprietary method” of applying each layer of plaster, resulting in a silky smooth, cool to the touch, final marble finish that truly looks and feels like a marble wall. No wax is needed to create this stunning effect. Note – We do apply a wax if the finish will need a higher level of protection from, high traffic, moisture or other possible elements.”

Searching for…. “New Interior Design Ideas”?

Take a moment to Explore many – “Videos and Project Photos”!

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New Interior Design Ideas, New Decorative Finishes and New Bella Projects!


“Think Bella! – Call Reluctance is Real!”
“Many times during initial meetings, Clients will say, I know you guys usually work Large projects. You probably are not interested in doing our… Small project.”
Not True!We Love every size project
We are always honored, to be invited to… Small or Large projects. The size of the project doesn’t matter!”
“Every Project is a New Relationship! An opportunity for David & I to share our Art, our Story and create a Higher Level of Drama in a Unique area in their Home or Business!”
“If you would like a “Second Opinion” on your project or some “New Design Ideas” for your project, give us a Call!
Bella is so easy to work with, let’s start a conversation…”
Mark & David Nordgren
Bella Faux Finishes, LLC
Office (605) 362-5750

“A Successful Business is all about your Relationships!
“People do business with who they… “Know, Like and Trust”.
“Since 2005, Bella has been “Invited and Trusted with the Final Effect” on so many projects in the Midwest… Large and Small. We invite you to read the Testimonials on our website and Facebook page.”
“Bella Referrals – Are you aware of a Fun & Unique Project?”
Share the Art at “Think Bella” with them. Invite them to visit our website ( and our Facebook page (Bella Faux Finishes, LLC).”
“View Hundreds of our Project Photos and Unique Decorative Finishes from around the World.”
“Next, Call the Bella Office – (605) 362-5750, leave your “Name and Phone Number” and then the “Name of the Person” that you referred to Bella.”
“If your New Contact results in a project, you will receive a Generous Referral.
(Note – Your Referral Fee does not affect or Add to the Bid Price of your Contacts Project.)
“Finally… Again, a Successful Business is all about Relationships! If you are “Someone” that is, in the Social Mix, and is aware of many New Design Projects, New Construction Projects and New Commercial Projects, a relationship with Bella could be… Very Rewarding!
“Thank you for Thinking of Bella!”
Mark & David Nordgren
Bella Faux Finishes, LLC



“IMPORTANT… If You DO”“Like Us on our Facebook Business Page”,  here is where we post first. You will to be the “First to View” our New Decorative Finishes and New Projects!

This month, David & I, were invited back to 3 different Bella projects from a few years back. They are looking for additional new ideas in their Homes and Commercial building.”
“All 3 Clients/Friends still love our Art, which make us feel good!
David & I love, having the opportunity to view it again!”
Bella does travel Wide and Far for Unique Projects. We both said, all 3 finishes would be so Cool, in some of these Grand Homes in the Black Hills, Colorado, Wyoming and Montana!”
For 2024, we have many projects scheduled ahead of us. But every day is new, it is always exciting, when we are invited to a new one to share our Ideas & Art!
Think Bella – We never know where the next Fun project will take us!”
“Please Call – if you have a Fun Project you are working on!”
Mark & David Nordgren
Bella Faux Finishes, LLC
Office (605) 362-5750

Think Bella! – You may have viewed our Posts. You may have heard of Bella.”
“But you have “Never… had a Reason” to meet with Bella.”
Think Bella… is a “Valuable Resource” to know about!”
“When the time comes… at a Meeting, on a Project or with a Client and everyone is running out of New Design Ideas or Old Design Ideas are the only thing on the… “Mood Board“. At that Moment, someone in the room will… remember and say… “Let’s Call Bella!”
Office (605) 362-5750


“Important!!” – Click on our January Blog above, to view a Unique Video that may help you with future New Project Decisions.  Think Bella Video –  “Interior Design Decisions – Wallpaper or Bella”

“Think Bella! – I encourage you, if you are starting a “New Construction Project or a New Home Remodeling Project”, to Pick Up the Phone and Schedule a Bella Meeting! Bella has so many New Interior Design Ideas, that we would Love to Share with You!”  Office – (605) 362-5750

Unique Projects – Call if you have a Unique Project! We will share “Samples and Ideas” on where you could introduce this Historic 1000 year old finish… that has blessed so many homes around the world.

Bella Venetian Plaster Service Area:  If you have a Unique Project, David and I would love to hear about it! Tell us what you are thinking… we do travel far for Fun projects!

South Dakota Venetian Plaster, Minnesota Venetian Plaster, Iowa Venetian Plaster, Nebraska Venetian Plaster, North Dakota Venetian Plaster, Arizona Venetian Plaster, Kansas Venetian Plaster, Wisconsin Venetian Plaster,  Nevada Venetian Plaster, Illinois Venetian Plaster, Colorado Venetian Plaster, California Venetian Plaster, Oregon Venetian Plaster, Florida Venetian Plaster, Texas Venetian Plaster and many more. 

“If you would like to “Test the Effect of Venetian Plaster” on your project, let’s talk and meet! We will bring many samples of this remarkable finish!”   

Bella Faux Finishes, LLC – Office (605) 362-5750


“IMPORTANT… If You”“Like Us on our Facebook Business Page”,  you will to be the “First to View” our New Finishes and New Projects!

Unique Colors… are coming back strong on Design Mood Boards around the world.
Click on some of the Newest Color Trends on Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moores websites.”
Todays, Light Colors and Grey Tones, White Painted Trim, White Doors & White Cabinets create many Opportunities to introduce a Unique Finish on a Unique Area in your Home or Business.”
Bella will be sharing a  “Brand New Portfolio” of Decorative Finishes and Art, that focuses on complimenting todays White & Grey Tones.”
“These stunning finishes are introduced on some of the most dramatic Homes & Condos around the world. All New Finishes will compliment todays White & Lighter Interior Design Themes.”
Think Bella is another option to explore and compare with Wallpaper.”
Explore our website to view many past project photos. Your Goal is to Identify a higher sense of drama and an interesting Color, Texture or Effect that catches your Eye!”
“IMPORTANT – Scroll all the way to the Bottom of the Page for New Ideas!”
The Wow Effect is created by maintaining a Level of Wow drama and then Interrupting the Senses with a Unique Color, Texture or Effect!” – Bella Faux Finishes is a valuable resource for New Interior Design Ideas!
“Good Luck with your Project, Call if you would like to share some Ideas!”
Mark & David Nordgren – Artisans
Bella Faux Finishes, LLC
Office (605) 362-5750

Color Trends are on the Move again! Bella has a variety of “Transition”… Colors, Textures & Effects, that you should consider and test for effect in your Home or Business.”

“Remember, the “Success” of your Interior Design Project, is up to you… the Owner!”

“When a popular Color Trend ends, there are always a few Homes or Projects that regrettably, wished they would have explored New Interior Design Ideas…”

Important – Always work with a “Mood Board” on your project! Here is where you are going to “Test” your Colors & Textures for Congruity, Effect and Drama. Do Not Rush This Step!”

Bella Venetian Plaster – “Real…Italian Venetian Plaster“… imported from Italy, is so challenging to describe and photograph. You really have to view it, touch it and then… “Pause to Ponder” its dramatic effect in a room.”

When you first approach this historic 1000 year old finish, you know something is going on, the level of drama is raised… but you are no sure why?

“If you would like to learn more and view samples, David & I would love to meet with you, view your project, hear your ideas and share our ideas.”

“Wow Projects are created by “Interrupting the Senses”!

Call if you would like to share some ideas!  Office (605) 362-5750

Like Us on our Facebook Business page. Here is where we share our New Decorative Finishes, New Interior Design Ideas and New Project Photos first!”

“View… “Multiple Videos” of Wow Projects and samples of Decorative Finishes from around the world.”

“If you are starting a “New Project” and searching for a great resource of “New Interior Design Ideas”, Like & Follow Bella on our Facebook Business page! Since 2005, we have shared our Art on so many projects, large and small.”

“By following us, you will view our new Finishes and Projects first! We post everything to the Facebook business page first. Take a quick view, I think you will be surprised at what you find…”

“The Bella Marble sample above was created by Bella Artisans and was inspired by a family visit to “The Cathedral” in Sioux Falls during Christmas. I wanted to see if we could create a similar dramatic effect.”

“Note – Bella… “Did Not” do the marbling at “The Cathedral”. (That would have been a fun project though!)  The Artisans that did the work, were phenomenally talented… Beautiful Work! I would have loved to have met them. What a breathtaking project!”

“How can Bella Faux Finishes… Help Me?”

(1) Bella History, since 2005, Artists – Mark & David Nordgren at Bella Faux Finishes have been helping Home Owners, Home Remodelers, Home Buyers, Home Sellers, Interior Designers, Interior DecoratorsHome BuildersContractors and Architects with their challenging… Interior Design Decisions.  

  “Bella Faux Finishes,  Specialize in… “Creating The Wow Effect” on projects!”

(2) Bella Helps You Solve Problems! – Creating Dramatic Interior Design is not easy. When Bella is invited to projects, we bring along a “Very Large Portfolio of Artistic Finishes” from around the world.  With 17 years experience in the Creation and challenging Application of these Historic Finishes. 

We also bring a Unique Insight and Successful history of Experience, Identifying where in your Home or Business,  your Wow Opportunities are on your project and Why this is a Unique Area.

(3)  Working with Bella:  Our Portfolio of Past Projects,  Client Testimonials,  Bella Faux Finishes, LLC – Facebook Page – Recommendations and Reviews will share some personal insight into what past Clients have thought about working with David & I.  Our Work Ethic, our Personality and our Unique Art.  

You can be the judge if we have been successful in creating… “The Wow Effect”.


Take a couple minutes to “Scroll to the Bottom of this page”, to view a few a variety of Fun Bella Projects!”

(4)  Summary of  “Why you should Consider” working with Bella Faux Finishes:

  • “Free”… Interior Design Assistance, helping you with the challenging process on…  “How to create… The Wow Effect”!
  • “Free”… Paint Color Consultation!
  • “Affordable”… Interior Painting
  • “Stunning”… Decorative Finishes 
  • “Imported”…Italian Venetian Plaster
  • “Wallpapering Services &… Wallpaper Removal”
  • “Column Marbling, Switch Plate Marbling and other Unique Areas…”
  • “Wow Ideas” for Range Hoods, Niches, Tray Ceilings, Accent Walls, Dining Rooms, Bathrooms, Entryways, Family Rooms, Living Rooms, Bedrooms, Sunrooms, Bars, Wine Cellars, Man Caves, Marbled Switch Plates and many more Unique Areas…

 David & I would love to Meet with you, Hear your ideas and View your project!  

Let’s Talk and Share some Ideas!   

We would Love to Meet you, But… “You” are the One that needs to Reach Out!

(Note – There is never ever… a “Hint of Obligation” when you schedule a meeting.  We are just Honored to meet with you, hear your ideas, view your project and Share our Ideas and Art!)

Bella Faux Finishes, LLC:  Give us a Call to Schedule a Meeting. If we are not in, please leave a brief message, project you are thinking about and your name and phone number. We will get back to you as soon as we can.

Office (605) 362-5750

“Think Bella!” – When you really need New Ideas for Color, Texture & Effect!”                                  

Bella Faux Finishes website:

“Bella Faux Finishes is a valuable resource for New Interior Design Ideas!”                                                                                  – Mark Nordgren


“Click to check our Better Business Bureau Rating”

Bella Faux Finishes,LLC – Owners/Artists  – David & Mark Nordgren


I know I am repeating myself, but again… Who needs Bella Faux Finishes?   Homeowners, Interior Designers, Architects, Home Builders and Contractors

Since 2005, homeowners, contractors, architects and interior designers in Sioux Falls, South Dakota and beyond have trusted the Artisans at Bella Faux Finishes to give their homes and businesses the beautiful finish of their dreams.

Founder Mark Nordgren and son David Nordgren, have shared their passion for historic Italian IMG_9655 Art with others through their creation of stunning Faux FinishesFaux Painting,  Decorative Finishes. Bella Faux Finishes specialize in the application of imported Italian Venetian Plaster, Italian finishes and breathtaking Italian Art.

To learn more about the Bella Effect, view the Testimonials we have received. Here, clients have shared their experience with Bella Faux Finishes.

Also, Click on our Blog  “Think Bella!”… above. It will give you many New Ideas for “Color, Texture & Effect” and present a variety of Interior Design Insights on “How to Create The Wow Effect” for your Project!

“If you would like to view our most recent projects, Like Us on Facebook. This is where you will be able to see most of our New Decorative Finishes and New Projects… First!”

Would you like to share your project and schedule a meeting?

Our Schedule can get busy and full through the year, so call us early in your project, we would Love to see your project!

Quickest Way to Meet!

Contact Us:  Call or Text –  David Nordgren at (605) 201-1759 to schedule a meeting.

“Like Us on Facebook! – Bella Faux Finishes, LLC” – This is where we share our New Decorative Finishes and New Projects First!  If you are looking for New Interior Design Ideas, Bella Faux Finishes is a Valuable Resource!  Read the Recommendations and Reviews we have been honored to receive from Clients.

To help make your home or business a masterpiece, Bella Artists will travel to areas both far and wide. If you city is not listed below, do call, there is really no limit to where the Artisans at Bella Faux Finishes will travel for a unique project. Italian Art - Bella Faux Finishes

  • Sioux Falls, South Dakota
  • Sioux City, Iowa
  • Dakota Dunes, South Dakota
  • Wynstone Estates, South Dakota
  • Lake Okoboji, Iowa
  • Lake Madison, South Dakota
  • Brookings, South Dakota
  • Watertown, South Dakota
  • Mitchell, South Dakota
  • Rapid City, South Dakota
  • Scottsdale, Arizona
  • Omaha, Nebraska
  • Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • Des Moines, Iowa
  • Fargo, North Dakota
  • La Crosse, Wisconsin
  • St. Paul, Minnesota
  • Kansa City, Missouri
  • Las Vegas, Nevada

Get the ‘Wow Effect’ in Your Home or Office

Understanding the balance of color & texture is key to creating the “wow effect.” Where are your interior design  opportunities?IMG_0029

We can not stress just how important it is for you to approach each interior design project with a fresh pair of eyes. For ideas on your next project, view our interior design gallery and Before and After photos.

Here are just a few of common areas of your home or business we can help transform into a work of art:

  • Tray Ceilings IMG_8154
  • Barrel Ceilings
  • Accent Walls
  • Fireplaces
  • Niches
  • Range Hoods
  • Wine Cellars & Bars
  • Columns
  • Bathrooms
  • Bedrooms
  • Dining Rooms
  • Kitchens
  • Entry Ways

Stunning Decorative Finishes and New Interior Design Ideas for Sioux Falls, SD,  Sioux City, IA, Dakota Dunes, SD & Beyond…

Faux Painting, Faux finishes, Italian Venetian Plaster,  Italian finishes… What are they and how are they different?

At Bella, we have Decorative Finishes and Faux Painting to fit nearly every interior design budget. Can’t figure out whichIMG_1374 of our Sioux Falls, SD Decorative Finishes is the right choice for you? Contact us today to speak to one of our esteemed customer service representatives and get the help you need to plan the full scope of your interior design project and the cost involved.

South Dakota Interior Painting, Wallpapering and Wallpaper Removal

Need help choosing wallpaper or paint colors? Bella Faux Finishes offers free consultations on every interior painting and wallpapering service we provide.

Are you tired of your current wall colors? Feeling a bit overwhelmed after looking at one too many paint color fan decks or wallpaper samples? The challenge is to try and understand the aspects and power of color.

Mark Nordgren, can assist you with choosing the perfect color, that can help you control the mood and drama of any room. Introduce the perfect texture with your new paint color and you will see why Bella Faux Finishes is a valuable resource if you are just beginning a new project.

‘Think Bella… for your next Design Project! Beautiful Painting…Breathtaking Finishes!’

Home ExteriorAs always, it is an honor to be invited to share our love of art in some of the most unique homes in the Midwest. The  love we feel for our work is evident on any size project…large or small. And the relationships and friendships we have formed along the way are evident in the service testimonials we have received.

But don’t take our word on it. See for yourself why we are the Midwestern region’s top choice for Faux Painting,  Decorative Finishes, Italian Venetian Plaster, Faux Finishes, Italian Finishes, Interior painting and Wallpaper Services.

In addition to Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Bella Faux Finishes proudly serves Sioux City, IA, Dakota Dunes, SD, Wynstone Estates, SD,  Lake Okoboji, IA, Rapid City, South Dakota, Sturgis, South Dakota  Lake Madison, South Dakota  Omaha, Nebraska,  Minneapolis, Minnesota, St. Paul, Minnesota and surrounding areas of the U.S. Midwest.

For Unique Projects beyond this area or Out of the States, Please Call! We would love to discuss your project and share ideas for Decorative Finishes.

We will bring a Talented Group of Artisans to your project, to create the “Highest Level of Italian Venetian Plaster Finish”.  A Real Marble finish imported from Italy!  The Italian Venetian Plaster finish is… “Cool to the Touch“, IMG_9682 presenting a “Deep Rich Marble Shine“, with “No Trowel Marks” indicating… how the application was applied. “Note – No wax is added to create the shine.” The shine comes from the rich marble content in the Italian Venetian Plaster imported from Italy. Wax can be applied for protection, if needed.

Also remember to, “Like Us” on Facebook, here is where we share most of our projects first and you will be the first to see our Art!

“If you would like to learn more about Bella Faux Finishes, our Passion for this Art and our Philosophy to carry forward the Ancient Techniques from past Italian Artisans, please call.  

Our Goal, is to create a Work of Art, always IMG_0060seeking the Perfect Finish for your Home or Business.  Give us call, we are Great Listeners, we would love to hear about your project!  You can also reach us on our Request a Quote Link

Mark & David Nordgren – Master Artisans

But if you Want to get on our Project Calendar right away, the Quickest Way to Meet with us is to:   

Contact David Nordgren at (605) 201-1759. Just Call or Text him and he will get back to you to schedule a meeting.

Also, our website is really easy to remember…

Bella Faux Finishes, LLC  –  Artist – David Nordgren  

Below, a Unique “Chevron Design. But instead of using a common paint, we applied a… “Stunning Decorative Finish”!





Bella Faux Finishes, LLC – Sturgis, South Dakota Project  – 4 Month Project  

Artists – Mark & David Nordgren

Sioux Falls Contractor – Mike Thurman – “Incredibly Talented Contractor!”

Bella Faux Finishes, LLC  – 1 year Project

Bella Faux Finishes, LLC  –  Kathy, David & Michael Nordgren  

Bella Faux Finishes, LLC – Artists – David, Michael & Mark Nordgren  

8 Month Project

“Hey… Let’s Get Together and Share some Wow Ideas for your Project!”