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“Think Bella!” – Historically, the World’s Most Unique Decorative Finish…”Imported Italian Venetian Plaster”…Incredible!

Posted on October 15, 2016

In 2005, I asked an Artisan friend of mine,  “Vallie Duncan” a question. Vallie, what is it about Italian Venetian Plaster and the Italian Finishes?  I told him I was just crazy about them, its hard to describe this emotion.

Vallie and I both attended “The School of Italian Plasters”.

“Vallie said, Mark… it’s a “Love Thing”!

“Once you understand the “1000 year old history” of this remarkable finish, the Longevity it has had for hundreds of years on Walls and Ceilings… throughout Europe. Then step back and try to visually understand the breathtaking effects it can bring to a room.  There has never been another Decorative Finish like it!”

Vallie is recognized as one of the Best Artisan’s in the states. To view some of Vallie Duncan’s Incredible Art and Projects. visit Vallie’s website:  “Plasters of Italy”

Since 2005, David and I have shared “Our” Passion for imported “Italian Venetian Plaster” and the unique “Italian Finishes”!

Imported Italian Venetian Plaster is the Rarest of Decorative Finishes in the Midwest. Very Few home have introduced this finish. When we started, many Interior Designers had never seen it before…

But around the states, East, West, and around the world they are the “Preferred Decorative Finish” on many Grand Estates.

David and I have been honored to share our Art on many projects, Large and Small. We have enjoyed all of them!

So the Question for You?  If you have a unique area in your home and would like to view samples of “Imported Italian Venetian Plaster”, Lets Talk, we would love to meet with you.

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Below, the Magic of Italy…



This month, I truly needed the magic of “Luciano Pavarotti – Nessun Dorma” 

Incredible Performance!  The music is from the third act of Puccini’s opera Turandot. (I had to look that one up…) 

Nessun Dorma means “None shall sleep”

“Below… My Mentor & Friend, the late “Doyle Self”.  Doyle was a Master Artisan and founder of  “The School of Italian Plasters”.  His Passion and Love for Italian Art… Changed my Life Forever!  

Also pictured below, I am holding a “Unique Italian Finish” in the early stages of the finish. My sons David & Michael Nordgren are also pictured, burnishing imported… “Italian Venetian Plaster”.


“Below Imported Italian Venetian Plaster, Cool to the touch.  One of most challenging Decorative Finishes to Master for an Artisan. Literally turns back into a “Thin Layer of Real Marble”!   Remarkable 1000 year old Decorative Finish!

Bella Faux Finishes –  Below are some pictures of past projects where David & I have introduced imported “Italian Venetian Plaster”. 


Below, Italian Venetian Plaster is a Matte Effect when viewed from the front.



Call or Text David Nordgren at (605) 201-1759  if you would like to meet and share some ideas about your project!





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