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Think Bella! – “Congratulations on your New Home Construction!” but did your budget CUT “The Wow Effect”?

Posted on May 13, 2013

(I am sharing two posts this month, the June Blog. We have a number of Fun Projects that will keep David and I busy with our Trowels for while and away from writing)

Wow, Your New Home Construction or Remodeling Project is Complete… Congratulations!

When you look back on your life, one of your Fondest Memories will be this experience of building your New Home. Every emotion is engaged during this process. You will Laugh, you will Cry, you will be Happy and you will be… Furious! But its all Good…You will Love it!

Every single New Home Construction Project and Remodeling Project, in Sioux Falls, SD, Sioux City, IA, Omaha, NE and Minneapolis, MN has a “Building Budget” that requires Contractors, Home Builders, Home Buyers and Home Owners to stay on target. Budget restraints can be seen in the Parade of Home and Home Shows around the country, where lesser materials or effects are used.

Almost every day, you will be asked to make difficult Interior Design decisions that will have you “Bumping your Head into the Home Building – Budget Limits”. You will undoubtenly be forced to settle for Less, at times, to ensure your New Home is completed on schedule and on Budget.

Towards the end of the New Home Construction building process, you will find your Budget Very Tight… with little or no room to add on anything else.


In our company, Bella Faux Finishes, we are usually the last ones to come to a project. As one of the few graduates of The School of Italian Plaster and various Schools around the country, our Speciality, Passion and Interior Design Goals are to create and introduce the “Perfect Final Layer of Effect”.

But final building decisions regarding introducing a Decorative Finishes, Faux Finishes, Faux Painting and Wallpapering are often times cut.  Simply… because there is no budget left to bring in… Bella.

Sometimes a Contractor, to satisfy the Buyer’s wishes, will have a painter apply a common, simple, low cost, sponge Faux Painting technique over the top of an existing texture, such as a Crow Foot, Knock Down or Orange Peel. Resulting in a… Less than Dramatic effect. You may see this in your home.

 “Now… Lets Jump a Year Ahead” – You and your spouse, will begin to notice things in your home, that you didn’t think of when you were building.  You may have some… Wiring, Floor Plan and Interior Design regrets. This is very common.

The great thing about our Business, Bella Faux Finishes, is that we can bring our Art to a project at any time, Before or After. Today, Homeowners are looking for New Interior Design Ideas on how to create some drama and differentiate their home from others.

Below are some Common “Wow Effect” Areas that are usually CUT from the Building Budget. Visit our Gallery to view more examples.

(1) Columns, Base & Capital – They are often just painted white.  Bella Faux Finishes could add a stunning Italian Finish, Faux Painting or Italian Venetian Plaster Finish to them. Base and Capital could be changed from plain white to an aged patina effect.

(2) Tray Ceilings – Crows Feet Texture is often applied and then painted white or a darker paint color.  Bella Faux Finishes could float the ceiling smooth, then apply a breathtaking Italian Venetian Plaster finish, Italian Finish or Faux Finish.

(3) Niches – They are usually sprayed with an Orange Peel Texture and painted the same color as the walls, Bella Faux Finishes could create a unique Italian Finish, Italian Venetian Plaster, Faux Finish or Faux Painting, that would make your Niche a work of Art and home for a special memorabelia piece or picture.

(4) Accent Walls – These are usually sprayed with an Orange Peel Texture and painted the same color as on the walls.  Bella Faux Finishes could float the walls smooth, creating the perfect substrate for a stunning Faux Finish, Italian Finish, Italian Venetian Plaster or hang an impossible to describe Wallpaper.

There are so many areas in your new home, that have the potential for creating a “Wow”! Bookmark our website and go through our various Gallery’s of finished projects. Don’t miss the Before & After. Read our Testimonials to see comments from previous Homeowners, Contractors and Interior Designers.

You will know, when the time is right to explore new ideas for your home. Just give us a call when you are ready to “Wow” your home. We are working on New Decorative Finishes all the time. You will be surprised at how affordable our Art is. We offer the highest level of Decorative Finishes.

Don’t Forget to “Bookmark”  our Website! Then, you can easily find us down the road again. When you are ready to “Wow” your home, David and I will be ready to present you with New Ideas for Color, Texture & Effect.

“Think Bella for your next Project! Beautiful Painting… Breathtaking Finishes!”

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Bella Faux Finishes






Think Bella! – “Spring is Here! Our Project Schedule is Filling up Fast…”

Posted on May 9, 2013

Here in Sioux Falls, South Dakota and in Iowa, Nebraska, Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Dakota and the Midwest, our Winter just kept… Going and Going. A brutal April Ice Storm that hung on for days, ruined many beautiful trees in our city. Everyone is still cleaning up and discovering their Grand Trees, which took years to mature, are not as Majestic as they were before. Two of ours got toppled, hopefully they will recover. Pictured here, David is cutting a tree for us.

Spring is also the time for New Home Construction and Remodeling Projects. New Colors, Freshly Painted Walls and New Decorative Finishes! Are you in the early stages of your New Construction or Home Remodeling project? Would you like to share some ideas for Color, Texture and Effect in you home? We would love to meet with you, see your project and present some new samples of various Decorative Finishes, Faux Finishes, Faux Painting,  Italian Venetian Plaster, Venetian Plaster and the popular Italian Finishes.

I have attached a picture of a Fun Coffered Ceiling.  A Crows Foots texture was on the ceiling before. This is an earlier picture of Italian Venetian Plaster on a Coffered Ceiling, edges are not detailed yet and final Gold Mica Powder Effect has not been applied. But I wanted to share just an idea, of how you can Create some Drama, for a Minimal Investment. The footage is small here and our Decorative Finishes are based on the Square Footage. Since the footage pictured here is minimal, your investment is affordable for almost any budget.

Home Owners Note – we never Forget, that Your Home is Unique and Special. We are always working on New Colors and Samples to introduce on projects. Since 2005, David and I have been fortunate to be invited and trusted with the final layer of effect in many homes. Each one is special and the memories, relationships we have formed, while working these projects, are reflected in the Testimonials we have received. It is alway an honor to be invited to share our Art!


(1) Are you Building a New Home or Remodeling an existing Home?

(2) Are you working with an Interior Designer or do need help with colors?

(3)  Have you identified in your home Where your Unique Opportunities are, to create drama? This is not easy to do. There are some areas, you never would have thought of.  Click our Gallery and Before/After photos for Wow ideas.

(4) Is your Contractor or Builder presenting you with samples of Color, Texture and Effect that will “Wow Your Home” and separate it from every other homes?

If not…. then YOU will need to be the one to break out of your comfort zone, explore new ideas.  Pick up you phone and make the Call to bring more Interior Design resources to your very important project.

Sometimes… New Construction can begin to look like every other new home. It is important that you bring Fresh Ideas and Fresh Eyes to look at your dream home. If you would like to learn more about Bella Faux Finishes, you can click our FAQ to view common questions. But please Call Early in your project. We would love to meet with you and share some ideas. Our schedule is filling up fast again this year. You can also reach us on our “Request a Quote” link.

Is your project beyond Sioux Falls, South Dakota? We do travel far for Unique Projects. David and I love what we do,  it is always fun coming to a new project!

At Bella Faux Finishes, we offer some of the Best Pricing in the States, for Italian Venetian Plaster, Faux Finishes, Faux Painting and Italian Finishes. They are the most challenging and difficult to master Decorative Finishes. Our Goal is to create the Perfect Decorative Finish that will create Drama… for Many Many Years.

Here are two articles on Home Building and Interior Design, that I wrote a few years ago, that may help you with this process and give you some ideas. They have been published and posted around the world.  Click to Read or View… “The 7 Home Building Mistakes” and  “The 7 Interior Design Mistakes”.

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Coffered Ceiling - Crows Foot Texture


Coffered Ceiling - Italian Venetian Plaster

Coffered Ceiling - Italian Venetian Plaster