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Think Bella! – Here Goes… Our First Video Blog! Click if you wish or Just Take a Nap, it is a Little Rough…

Posted on November 15, 2017

David & Amber,  blessed Kathy & I with our beautiful Granddaughter… Claire!


This video was just a practice clip, never intended to use this one, but wanted to get something out.

So here it is.  I promise you it will get better…  

David and I are so fortunate to have the opportunity to work with so many “Unique Decorative Finishes” from around the world.

Few people… have seen some of these finishes.

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I will share some photos of this project.  

Notice that we just did “One” Bathroom Wall. On many projects, that is all that you need to change the drama in the room.  

Cost Wise?  Our finishes are based on square footage. So your investment is very affordable!  Especially compared to the cost for “Wallpaper”.

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We are just honored to have the opportunity to meet you and share some of our ideas.

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Tri-Color Italian Venetian Plaster – David Nordgren