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“Think Bella!” – Introducing just One “New Dramatic Effect” can WOW even a… “Notbroken” Interior Design Plan!”

Posted on August 12, 2016

Important – There is no such thing as the… “Perfect Interior Design Plan”.

From the day your project is completed, you will be presented with various Ideas and discover Opportunities in your home where you could have chosen a different Color, Fabric or Texture to create an even higher level of drama.

Many times you will become aware of a unique area in your home that you realize needs more than just a common paint color

“Opportunities are Everywhere” – It could be a “Accent Wall, Niche, Backsplash, Bathroom Walls, Tray Ceiling, Entryway, Family Room, Range Hood or Column“.

Once a New Idea grabs a hold of you and pulls you out of your Interior Design Comfort zone, it is going to be really hard to go back.

You realize that there is so much more you can do with your project.

Imagine any of the below Columns just painted White.

White Paint is not going to set your Senses on Fire with the tactile desire to Feel and Touch a Unique Effect.”

“But… Introducing the perfect “Decorative Finish”,  can and will create a higher level of Drama!”

Short post this month as we are in the studio with new Decorative Finishes and starting various projects.

Below are two marble samples we are working on that are in the early stages.

This Unique Marble you may recognize…

“Like us on Facebook”… if you would like view the final effect of these two marble samples. The marble samples still have many more layers to add before they are ready to be presented to the World…



“Las Vegas has so many unique Columns to Inspire an Artisan. Learning how a marble finish is structured is the first step to learn, if you wish to create a… realistic marble finish.”


IMG_5371 copy 2

“After a busy year, our July Vacation started with seeing one of my favorite singers, “Johnny Rzeznik” and his band the “Goo Goo Dolls”, at the Cove in Council Bluffs. They have so many great hits!”

“Here Johnny sings a phenomenal song “Notbroken“,  about a relationship and a young man going off… to War. Most have never heard this song. I listen to their music on so many projects to Inspire…”



“Following the Goo Goo Dolls, Kathy and I headed to Las Vegas for a week.  I had the opportunity to spend two days with “Master Artisan – Barth White” again and breakdown the various techniques used to create a dramatic Marble Finish.”

Barth White and his Artisans were involved in so much of the magic that you see today in the various Hotels in Las Vegas. Great Friend… I learned many new methods to structure a Unique Marble Finish!”




Barth White dropping me back off at Caesars. Kathy and I will relax… “Pool, Party & Play” for a few days,  then back to the studio to practice what I just learned…”



“Kathy’s younger brother Rick Morse came out from California to spend a day with us too!”





“If you would like to share some ideas about your project, you can reach David Nordgren at (605) 201-1759. Call or Text him and he will get back to you.”


“If you are the owner of “Sleeping White Columns”, you may want to remember “”. We have some ideas I think you will love!””



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