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“Think Bella!” “Nothin Like You”… We Feel this same powerful emotion for our Pets and our Decorative Finishes!

Posted on November 27, 2015

Bella Shopping Ideas… for you this Christmas!

I am suggesting you place under the tree… Two Unique Gifts.

(1) Schedule a meeting with Bella Faux Finishes for a Unique Decorative Finish in your home for 2016. “Your Wife will Love this Gift!”

Bella Faux Finishes, LLC – Office Phone: (605) 362-5750

(2) Take your family for a ride, discover and introduce yourself to a Unique Pet.

Both investments will make you feel better everyday about your Home and your Emotions.

The Perfect Decorative Finish can change the entire Drama of a Room. Visit our portfolio of past projects and previous blog postings.

The Perfect Pet can also change the entire Drama of a Room, especially in the early months. But this new friend of yours, will bring you Love and Joy every single day!

David and I, hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas this special time of the year!

Celebrate all of your Blessings and Opportunities for 2016!

Now, I would like to introduce… “Miss Bella”! She will be three next year, a Havanese. Kathy and I, Enthusiastically recommend this breed! They are like Velcro… never leaving your side!

Version 2

Version 2

“Dan and Shay” promoted their new video … “Nothin’ Like You” ┬áto raise awareness for Animal Rescue and Adoption. What a Great Cause to Support!



David and Amber found their special friend at a local pet rescue. There are so many sad eyes looking for a new family. Amber and “Emily” connected immediately and their life has never been the same… What a Great Dog!



Bella Finishes 1


Mark Nordgren with Bella

Mark Nordgren with Bella

IMG_5799 copy