“Think Bella!” Think Opportunity? Your Blank… Painted Walls, Entryways, Ceilings, Columns & Niches are just a “Ghost on the Canvas”!

Take a look around your home, what do you see?

Dramatic Painted Walls or Blank Walls?

Look at your Ceilings, Niches, Columns, Walls and Bathrooms. What are they saying, what emotion are they expressing?

Wow List Number 1 – Choosing the perfect colors for your painted walls are critical to a successful Interior Design Plan.

Wow List Number 2 – Your next layer of effect to choose, is a stunning Decorative Finish for a unique area of your home that needs a little… Wow!

“The Wow Effect is created by introducing Color, Texture and Effect”

Short post this month, but all I can tell you… is that Bella Faux is here.  If you ever decide to raise the Interior Design Drama in your home, I would encourage you to meet with our Artisans.

We have so many “Unique Decorative Finishes” and Interior Design Ideas, I think you will be amazed!

If you are interested in meeting with Bella, call early in your project as our schedule can fill up fast sometimes.

Wow List Number 3 – You can reach us at Contact Us and Request a Quote

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You can learn more about the Bella Effect by reading some of the Testimonials we have been honored to receive through the years…

Thanks for your time, have a Great, Fun and Safe Summer!

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IMG_3827 copy

“Glen Campbell’s – “Ghost On The Canvas” is such a Great Song and shares so much about the possibilities of what the talented hands of an “Artisan” can do, on a common… Blank Canvas!”

“We Dream in Colors, others they Color their Dreams…”

“People don’t Know, when they’re Looking at Soul…”

“Like a Ghost on the Canvas, people don’t See them…”



Ceiling-77 copy


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BellaFauxFinishes-TriColor Venetian Plaster







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Range Hoods-1


IMG_4667 - Version 2

SAM_1711SAM_2404 - Version 3


SAM_3862SAM_3868 - Version 2bff-1Ceiling-3Ceilings-5Niches-6


Walls-23Ceilings Mix 2


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“Also… my Mom and Dad celebrated their 91st and 89th Birthdays this month. Both are in a nursing home now, Mom with Dementia and Dad with old age, we are so proud of both of them!”

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“Bella Faux Finishes, LLC – On a Studio Break, to create New Sample Decorative Finishes and get back into shape. I am fortunate to have two Awesome… Personal Trainers!”