Think Bella! Learn more about … “The 7 Interior Design Mistakes”

I will share one of the articles I wrote on Interior Design.  This has been published around the world and is on many websites today.

The article details “Seven Common Mistakes made in Interior Design”. Many you may already know of, but some may give you ideas on how to approach your next project.

Rarely are Interior Design Projects given sufficient time to nurture, collect and test ideas for a project. Many times,  critical decisions are rushed, preventing your project from…  “Revealing to You”,  the best Color, Texture and Effect.  Multiple samples must be tested to work the Interior Design Process. This way, you do not miss out on an opportunity to Wow!

So nothing too profound here, just a few thoughts on how to approach a really cool project.  Remember… your goal, our goal is always to create… “The Wow Effect”.

You can the full article on this link:   “The 7 Interior Design Mistakes”.

Also, the video below will walk you through it, but you better grab a cup of coffee… sorry, it’s a a little slow moving…

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