“Think Bella!” – “It Won’t Be The Same This Year”… To Everyone who has Lost a Loved One this year, Cherish those Memories and Carrying their Magic Forward…

This month, as David and I break for the holidays, we want to take a moment to remember any friends or family members that will not be with us this Christmas.

This year we lost Kathy’s Mom… Glennis, after a 13 year struggle with the miserable Alzheimers disease. We lost her husband Richard about 5 years ago. We loved them both so much! Christmas truly was Glennis’s favorite holiday.  

For our family, Christmas won’t be the same this year…

David and I wish everyone the Best this Christmas!

Below, Michael Nordgren & Glennis Morse



Below, Mark & Kathy Nordgren, Richard & Glennis Morse

Below, Michael, Richard, David & Glennis

Glennis loved the Holidays!

Below, Glennis, Nancy, Kathy & Kim

Below, my Mom, Glennis & Kathy

Below, last visit to their farm…

“McDonalds Mocha Frappe… Glennis Loved them!  We would also bring a splitter and together listen to the incredible Ray Price… or her favorite Christmas music. This always brought a little joy to her day… ”

Below, Glennis’s children, Debbie, Rick & Kathy

Below, Bill, Glennis & Christi 

Below, Amber, Glennis, David and baby Owen

“Glennis loved it when we brought Bella. They always connected with each other. All we had to say to Bella was, do you want to go see Grandma and she would go crazy…”

Below, Owen says goodby to Glennis, in a way that only a child can express…

“Glennis we will never forget you!  Our family will carry your Magic & Traditions forward…”

“Have a Great Christmas everyone!  Take Lots of Pictures, Hug them and Love them, like you may never see them again…”