“Think Bella!” – It is Really Difficulty to “Stop The Feeling” when the historic “Art of Marbling” gets in your Bones…

Mar-bling“The Act, Process, or Art of Coloring or Staining in imitation of variegated marble.”

Bella Faux Finishes, LLC Mission Statement:  The Mission Statement and Goal of the Artisan’s at Bella Faux Finishes, LLC is to create… “Unique and Original Art”, presenting our Clients with the opportunity to view and introduce a Wide Variety of the Best Decorative Finishes from around the World.

Service Area:  Bella Faux Finishes, LLC is based in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. But we offer our Services throughout the Midwest for a Unique Project. States such as South Dakota, Iowa, Nebraska, Minnesota, North Dakota, Wisconsin, including Las Vegas, Nevada and many more Fun Locations!

Just give us a Call to share your Project!  Our Office Number is (605) 362-5750

Our “Target Audience” are those interested Homeowners, Interior Designers, Architects and Contractors that looking to introduce a “Color, Texture and Effect”, that will:

(1) Interrupt the Senses.

(2) Compliment all of the Various Colors on the “Project Board or Mood Board”.

(3) Create “The Wow Effect” in their Home or Business.

Important – If you are beginning a New Project and would like to “Break Away” from the common and make your Home or Business Unique,  David and I would love to meet with you, hear about your project and share some ideas.

Meeting and Project Scheduling – To quickest way to contact Bella Faux Finishes, LLC and Schedule a meeting!

Call or TextDavid Nordgren at (605) 201-1759. He will get back to you as soon as he can. David handles all of our scheduling.

“ThinkBella.com” – Our website is Easy to Remember!  “ThinkBella.com”

Bella Faux Finishes ServicesInterior Design ServicesInterior Painting, Decorative Finishes, Faux Finishes, Italian Venetian Plaster, Italian Finishes, Column Marbling and Unique Historic Art from Italy. Note – We do offer Wall Paper Services, but lately we have been busy with the various finishes, that we have been referring Wall Paper requests to other companies.

Bella Faux Finishes Marbling Below:


Great Song!  I needed to share the Talents of “Justin Timberlake”!   He knows that Sometimes, you just… “Can’t Stop The Feeling”!  



Inspiration Below: Eight Marble Samples below, Seven are real marble… except the one in the middle, which was done by a famous Artisan.



Bella Faux Finishes Marbling Below: Inspiration came from the Cathedral Columns. I used bolder colors and chose not to over glaze with a darker color, I was feeling good about where this one evolved. Note – There are many possibilities here, could go much darker or much lighter…


Below, Artisan – Mark Nordgren, 2005 Founder/Co-Owner of Bella Faux Finishes, LLC.  “Marbling Columns… One of my favorite Arts!”


Bella Faux Finishes Marbling Below:


Inspiration Below: Famous Artisans Art in the surrounding pictures. Bella Faux Finishes Art in the center picture.


Bella Faux Finishes Marbling Below: “Four different “Bella Marble” samples, with various styles of veining. Project “Perspective” and “Distance” will determine the style of veining that is needed, to impact and create the desired visual effect for the project.”


Below “Project Board or Mood Board”, don’t start your project without one!

iStock_000009344323Medium copy

Bella Faux Finishes Marbling Below:

IMG_0048 copy

Below, Artisan – David Nordgren – Co-Owner of Bella Faux Finishes, LLC. Detailing imported Art from Italy.

Italian Art - Bella Faux Finishes

Bella Faux Finishes Portfolio – We offer a Wide Variety of Decorative Finishes from around the World…

Bella Finishes 1

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IMG_0144 (1)

Below, David and Amber’s Son  Owen James Nordgren, “Can’t Stop the Feeling”!

“A three year old getting a Haircut is… Exciting!”





“If you are Open to the Idea that your Backsplash,  can be more than just a home for only Tile, then give us a call.

David and I would love to present you various samples that would separate your home from everyone else’s.  Below is a short video of a project in progress.”



“Think Bella!” – For your next Project, we have many Interior Design Ideas!



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