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Think Bella! – Before you “Pick your Paint”, you need to “Pick your Wow”! Rarely does paint alone create… “The Wow Effect”

Posted on April 15, 2019

Starting a New Project?

Before you “Pick your Paint”, you need to Identify and “Pick your Wow’s”!  

Rarely does paint alone create… “The Wow Effect”!

Find your “Wow Areas” First.  This is the most important step if your desire is to “Raise the Drama”…

Too often people will rush the painting, choose a color and then regret the decision because it doesn’t lay well with a New “Decorative Finish” they have found and Love.

If you are ready to change the “Paint Colors” in your home and are hungry to “Raise the Drama” and create some “Wow’s”, David and I would love to meet with you!

(1) We will come to your home or business, Listen to your Ideas, View your project and share our thoughts on where the Unique Areas are in your home that could create… “The Wow Effect”.

(2) Next, we will look at Paint Colors and Decorative Finishes that would be perfect for those areas. You may keep some samples to test for effect through the day and night.

For 14 years Bella Faux Finishes has offered Free Interior Design assistance.  

Bella also offers Interior Painting at a price point you will like.

Our portfolio of “Project Pictures” and “Testimonials” tell the story of working with Bella Faux Finishes. 

If you would like to meet Bella Faux Finishes, you can reach us at the following:

Office: (605) 362-5750

David Nordgren (605) 201-1759  Call or Text

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Successful “Interior Design Projects”  have many of same elements as a successful  “Marriage“!  

Think of the famous Hotels, Restaurants, and Homes that still, after many decades have created “The Wow Effect” with the critical Interior Design decisions that were made many years ago…

They stand the test of time, just like a great relationship.

Each begins with a Problem, then a  New Opportunity, a Passionate Love to discover something New & Unique and finally a  Determination and Commitment to Create a Wow Relationship or Project that your Children, Family, and Friends would be proud of for years to come!

Great Song by… “Daniel Powter – Cupid”!


Mark Nordgren with Bella